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Your startup deserves the best in tech talent. We provide peace of mind by rigorously assessing developer skills, ensuring only top-notch professionals join your team. Because when you can't speak the language of code, we translate talent into results

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Backed by over a decade of hiring experience

Our team has worked hiring developers in North America, South America, Asia, Europe and New Zealand, for roles ranging from junior to senior, and from front-end to back-end.

Our Team

    • James Watling is a tech maestro with over a decade of experience in full-stack development, leading teams and companies. As the Founding CTO of EarlyDay and a pivotal force behind several successful startups, James has an illustrious track record of translating complex technical strategies into actionable business outcomes.

      His expertise is not just in crafting code but in sculpting agile, effective teams that drive startups to new heights With his tenure at globally recognized startups like GuavaPass and his advisory role at KarmaCheck, James has mastered the art of technical hiring, guiding startups to make informed decisions that align with their strategic vision.His international experience in the wellness, travel, and procurement sectors underscores his ability to navigate diverse industries and cultural landscapes. At the heart of James's approach is a commitment to empowering non-technical founders, offering them clarity and confidence in their hiring choices. His work at Hub in developing applications for blockchain-based reputation systems exemplifies his forward-thinking approach.

      James's role in mergers and acquisitions, combined with his active participation in product roadmaps and team leadership, has made him an asset to boards and a trusted consultant across the tech ecosystem.

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Simple pricing, for everyone.

Packages to suit every business, from the first technical hire to the hundredth.

Basic Vetting Monthly

Help to establish a job description and scope for the role.


  • Evaluate business technology needs
  • Role Scoping
  • Personalized Job Description
  • Applicant Resume Reviews
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Advanced Vetting

Assess technical capabilites of a specific applicant


  • Includes all features of Basic Vetting
  • In-Depth Technical Interview
  • Comprehensive Candidate Report
  • Recorded Video Interview
  • Candidate Scorecard
  • Hire/No Hire Recommendation
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For even the biggest enterprise companies.

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  • Includes all features of Advanced Vetting
  • Customized Candidate Sourcing
  • Full-Scale Hiring Consultancy
  • Ongoing Support
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our amazing support team

    • What is Technical Vetting?

      Technical vetting is an in-depth evaluation conducted by seasoned experts to analyze a candidate's actual coding skills and problem- solving abilities.Unlike a standard interview, it's a rigorous test of how well a developer can navigate complex tech challenges

    • Why Our Expertise Matters?

      Our team has navigated the complexities of hiring for startups to large enterprises, understanding the varied tech stacks and cultural contexts. We've seen firsthand how the right questions and technical challenges reveal a developer's true capacity to deliver.

    • Why Choose Our Service?

      As a former startup CTO with extensive experience in assembling elite tech teams from across the globe, I bring a nuanced understanding of what makes a developer truly exceptional. We don't just verify skills; we ensure that the candidate's experience aligns with the unique demands of your project.

    • How Does Technical Vetting Benefit My Business?

      The cost of a mis-hire is not just financial; it's time and momentum lost. With our technical vetting, you not only confirm that a candidate can code, but also that they can contribute from day one. Our process is informed by years of international hiring, understanding the nuances of various tech cultures, and ensuring that the talent you bring on is the talent you need.

    • Who Should Engage Our Technical Vetting Services?

      Whether you're a startup making that crucial first technical hire, a growing business looking to streamline your hiring process, or an entrepreneur seeking validation of a freelancer's capabilities, our services are tailored to you.

    • Why Trust Us?

      Leverage my experience as a CTO who has successfully built tech teams that have pushed companies to the forefront of innovation. Our vetting process is refined by years of hiring for different roles, levels, and backgrounds, ensuring that no matter the job, we can vet for it.